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New Corporate Client Questionnaire

Please complete the questions pertinent to you and your travel program. This will allow us to focus on your specific needs and items of interest.

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  1. What are your goals in addressing your corporate travel program?  
  2. What do you like about your current travel program?  
  3. What do you dislike about your current travel program?  
  4. Do you have preferred suppliers (airline, hotel, auto, transfer company, etc.)?  
  5. Do you have negotiated discounts with your suppliers?  
  6. Do you have current policies & procedures?  
  7. How many travelers do you have?  
  8. What is your estimated annual domestic air travel volume?  
  9. What is your estimated annual international air travel volume?  
  10. What is your estimated annual hotel volume?  
  11. What is your estimated hotel cost per night?  
  12. What is your corporate credit system?  
  13. Do you currently receive reports from your Travel Management Company?  
  14. Would you like to receive reports? If so, what data would you like included?  
  15. Do you have interest in Group Travel Services for Incentives or Special Events?  
  16. Are you interested in Leisure Travel Services?  




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