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Client Corner

ARTA Travel,

We would like to thank Dwayne King for all of his hard work and precise details in regard to our Wonderful Italy Vacation. Rome,Florence,Venice and Milan. The Hotels were excellent, so very conveniently located. The transfers went so smoothly. The Tours were timed Perfectly. We can't Thank Dwayne enough for his quick responses to all of our inquiries here and abroad,also his support throughout the trip was greatly appreciated.

Thanks Again,

Michael J.Gajdzisz and Family

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say THANK YOU for an awesome trip. Again the hotel was great and the airport transfers were perfect could not have been better. Having access to the VIP lounge was pretty nice as well. My husband was very impressed. Everything was so smooth, it was nice to go there and not work for once.

Thank you again.

Tracy Davis
Executive Assistant
American Legend Homes

I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much we appreciate the efforts of Joann Austin to provide us nothing but the very best service. We were dealing with a local travel agency in Pensacola when we met Joann (and Wally) on a cruise aboard the Celebrity Equinox. We were immediately impressed with her warm, caring personality and extensive knowledge of various destinations and cruise lines. We asked if she would work with us on our travel plans even though we were distant. She said sure and the rest is history. She has provided great advice and planning assistance to us on cruises to the Baltic, Australia, South America, French Polynesia, China and many more. Our original opinion has only been reinforced with every interaction we have had. She is a true gem and we so enjoy working with her.

Carolyn and Bob Shaw
Pensacola, FL

Dear Steve and Tammy:

Over the course of the last several months we have had the pleasure of working with Suzanne Gardner in order to plan a trip to Germany. We found Suzanne through the American Express Travel website. During the planning phase Suzanne was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, always followed up and helped guide us as we planned the trip. We were extremely satisfied. Suzanne embodies all the characteristics of someone who excels in customer service. We expressed those sentiments in a survey which was sent to us by American Express where we documented our experience with Suzanne with the highest possible ratings.

Our last stop, during our recent trip, was Munich. We arrived in the late afternoon on New Year's Day. We checked into the Hotel Excelsior and when we walked into our rooms we were extremely disappointed; actually that is putting it rather mildly. The hotel had been represented as a 4 or 5 Star hotel and we felt the rooms more closely resembled an old Super 8 badly in need of renovation. I won't take the time to outline the issues we had with the hotel since the purpose of this note is to make sure you know how Suzanne responded when faced with very unhappy clients. We contacted the American Express Travel 800 number on New Year's Day. American Express reached Suzanne and she contacted us immediately. She again demonstrated that, at her core, she is the essence of a person who defines excellent customer service.

The following morning, January 2nd, Suzanne had arranged for us to have a private driver take us to Dachau. By 9:30am we had confirmed that Compass Tours did not have us on their schedule and would not be picking us up. As you might imagine we were not pleased. I sent Suzanne a rather terse email regarding the mix up.

The reason I wanted to reach out to you is that it is my experience that you really understand someone's commitment to customer service when things go wrong. As a small business owner I am keenly aware that generally speaking I only hear from our customers when things don't go well and rarely do I hear when something goes right. I wanted to make sure that as the owners of your travel company you know that Suzanne Gardner's actions reflect well, not only on her, but on your agency as a whole.

At every turn Suzanne acted on our behalf to rectify these situations. I am quite certain that had Suzanne not proactively worked to make things "right" for us we would have ended our trip on a sour note. Instead, solely because of Suzanne and the steps she took we returned as happy and satisfied clients and would not hesitate for one minute to contact Suzanne and your organization again to plan our next trip, which we believe will be this coming summer when we return to Germany and then travel on to Italy.

It is my hope that on our behalf you will recognize the outstanding job that Suzanne did, she represented your organization in a superior manner.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we wish you and your organization continued success.

Jay and Cindy Johnson

We received a call after we boarded informing us that we had a wine and cheese plate and asking us when we would like to have it delivered. We checked the calendar and picked the one sea day - that is today. Promptly at 1PM, a waiter brought a tablecloth for our table looking over the veranda and placed a beautiful spread of cheese, crackers, rolls, and wine. Will send you a photo when we get home.

This has been a wonderful cruise and well worth the upgrade to the balcony. Everyone is so friendly, the crew is excellent and the scenery outstanding. The PG is a great way to see French Polynesia and we absolutely enjoyed the upgrade to the veranda. Thank you for catching that and letting us know so quickly and for getting us the $750 cyber special.

Thank you again,

Carolyn and Bob


I hope all is well with you and the ARTA team, we have enjoyed the relationship. I have been meaning to email you for a few weeks about how impressed I've been with Joanna. She's an all-star.

I say this for a number of reasons, but one story really wraps up her value to us. Several months before we began working with ARTA I booked hotel rooms for four members that were headed out to Denver via an online portal that had the rates etc. pre-booked inside of their system. About a week before leaving we were making some tweaks to the reservations and we learned that the reservations were cancelled, or never actually existed. (I'm honestly not sure if we will ever know the full story on what happened.) At the end of the day Joanna owned this blunder and worked tirelessly to make sure we were taken care of. I was getting updates from here throughout the evening. One thing that she did that I took particular note of was she called me right away. I emailed her and my tone was clearly annoyed/frustrated. I think the normal course of action would be to talk to her team, get "your" story so she has the ammo to make an informed call to the customer. I really applaud her fortitude in not doing that and instead picking up the phone.

Sorry for the long email I just wanted to make sure you knew you have someone special working with you.


Trey S.
Elevate Healthcare Consultants

Hi Tammy,

Kara was truly wonderful to work with. Thank you for putting us in touch. We booked our flight, hotel and a tour with her. Her persistence in finding the right tour for us was endearing. Kara provided lots of information so that I feel extremely comfortable and knowledgeable on little things as well as bigger things to be aware of. We are excited to be going to Peru! We will definitely get in touch with her for other personal vacations.

Warm regards,

Maureen Z. | Project Manager

Miami, FL

Hi, Suzanne!

Thank you for forwarding this on to us--we've completed it, and were able to give the hotel excellent reviews. It was lovely and comfortable, with a delightful breakfast buffet, and in a wonderful location, just steps from the Louvre. We can recommend it highly!

The trip was wonderful--all that we hoped it would be! I love London and thoroughly enjoyed our time there, but found Paris truly amazing! I wasn't prepared for its beauty, the immense scale of its huge buildings and monuments, and the great fun of exploring it for three days! I will be at home on Thursday morning, and will call you to share some of the details, if that will be a good time for you.

Thank you so much for your help in making our trip really unforgettable!



I wish to thank Arta Travel for the great chocolates we enjoyed on our cruise and also thank Pam Silverman for a delicious bottle of red wine. Pam was great in setting everything up perfectly for us and this was a remarkable cruise to the Baltic. Our eyes were really opened wide on this journey - everything was stunning. The trip home was really uneventful going through customs in Chicago and SAS partnered with United and so it was so easy to walk through customs and twenty feet further we handed our bags to someone and we left terminal five and went to terminal one so easily. Thanks to everyone for their superb professionalism and management of our wonderful experience on Regents Seven Seas Voyager.


Robert B.

"Dear Steve,

I met you briefly on Friday and you introduced me to Karen Wile. I just want to take a moment and tell you what a great associate you have in your office.

I just walked in on Friday, and never expected to receive the kind of professionalism and courtesy that was given to me that day. By the time I got home from your office I had received two senarios of my trip that were perfect. I was able to then come up to the office in the afternoon with my associate Ray Hiza and book the itinerary.

Karen was amazing and quick, more important all of my needs were met. We were so pleased with Karen and your company and look forward to booking all of our domestic and international travel with Karen. When we got in the car to leave both Ray and I asked each other what have we been doing all these years without a travel agent.

Anyway, thank you for introducing us to Karen."

Carol M.

Hello Steve,

I wanted to reach out and let you know what a terrific help Dwayne King has been in planning my family's trip to Italy. He has been a wealth of information as he guided us throughout the daunting process of where to start, what to do and when. Dwayne flawlessly has made every request attainable and always did so timely.

This trip is going to be so memorable and much to the efforts of Dwayne. I have already recommended your agency to others and especially Dwayne. Your company is fortunate to have him and I am so thankful that he has been the one helping my family plan this trip of a lifetime.

Thank you,
Julie S.

Hi Ellen:

It has taken me a few days to recover from the event and get things back to normal, but it was definitely a big success. The attendees had a great time and I received nothing but positive feedback about the experience. They were very happy with the hotel and the Thursday night cocktail party in particular, so thank you again for all of your hard work on setting those up.

It was a pleasure to work with you too. I know this particular bunch was not necessarily the easiest to please, but everything paid off and we generated some excellent momentum for the company. I hope we have the opportunity to work together on future projects.

Justin M.
Communications Manager
Richmont Holdings
2400 Dallas Parkway, Suite 230 | Plano, TX 75093

This is why I like to come to ARTA everyday :)


We had a wonderful trip! This time of year is amazing in Alaska! We had sunshine everyday. The ship was great, our shore exclusions were fun and Charlie caught a 21 lb. King Salmon on our fishing trip!

Thank you so much for all your special little details. I notified them all and would say Joann did this for us! Dinner at the Murino was delicious! Thank you so much!

I highly recommend this trip to everyone. You are a GREAT travel agent and friend!

Susan M.
Ebby Halliday Realtors

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