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  • ARTA Travel was founded in 1980 and is the oldest (most mature) agency in Collin County.
  • www.artatravel.com launched on March 12, 1996.
  • ARTA Travel was the first agency in Dallas to email an itinerary to a client.
  • ARTA Travel is a certified WBE nationally & HUB in the State of Texas.
  • ARTA Travel is the only location in Dallas that prints Rail Europe & Eurail passes.
  • ARTA Travel accepts American Express Membership Awards Points as a form of payment.
  • ARTA Travel is the 15th largest Women-Owned business in Dallas/Ft. Worth.
  • Leisure Specialist at ARTA Travel is listed as a Certified Specialist on American Express' Global website. And, receive inquiries from around the world.
  • ARTA Travel's Corporate Team offers extensive online reporting for clients' budget & control as well as travel management consulting.
  • ARTA Travel's Group Team will create, plan & execute custom programs for incentives, meetings & special events.
  • ARTA Travel's Leisure Team offers deep discounts for cruises & tours through our American Express relationship.
  • ARTA Travel acquired McKinney Travel (30 year old agency) in July 2011, come visit one of our 2 locations – Plano near the 2 tollways or McKinney at El Dorado and Central.
  • ARTA Travel has won the "Business of the Year" in Plano twice.
  • President of ARTA Travel, Tammy McSwain assumes role of Chairman of the Plano Chamber of Commerce January 25, 2012.
  • ARTA Travel charters more motor coaches than any other agency in Dallas.
  • ARTA Travel specializes in unique travel needs i.e. witness travel, deputy/prisoner travel (with firearm), team travel, band travel (instruments), extensive international travel, etc.



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